Food of the Fifties with Ruth Chier Rosen

Ancestral RecipesThe Ancestral Recipes of Shen Mei Lon: A Scroll of Favorite Chinese Dishes, Adapted for American Kitchens
140 pages, Copyright 1954
"Chinese cookery is an art that takes a page out of an ancient history. Chinese civilization was highly developed at a very early period. One aspect of this great culture was and is the knowledge of skillful food preparation. Cooking then and now in China is not a domestic science, but a highly developed skill practiced by professionals.
Embodied in THE ANCESTRAL RECIPES OF SHEN MEI LON are some of the Chinese secrets and wisdom of the ages, for which they are well known. Long before nutritionists discovered it, Chinese cooks knew that cooking foods quickly in small amounts of liquid was both tasty and nutritious. This means that along with vitamins and minerals, the color and crispness of cooked foods, particularly vegetables, are retained."

Try the Recipe: Sieu Pi Kwat Barbecued Spareribs

Written by fiftiesfood88 — January 24, 2012

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