Food of the Fifties with Ruth Chier Rosen

Pardon My Fois GrasPardon My Foie Gras: The Choice Cuisine of France
144 pages, Copyright 1956
"French cookery is synonymous with fine cookery. It seems to be a part of the culture and national pride of the Frenchman to be an excellent cook.
All through France a truly fine meal can be had in any home or the most obscure or the most celebrated restaurant. In fact it is difficult to have an indifferent meal in France. American housewives often consider French cookery difficult. Some is, but much of it is very simple if done with care. The care taken is the most important consideration in cooking. Also important in learning to cook in the french manner is the willingness to go from simple recipes to elaborate a step at a time. Master the sauces included in this collection and you will have accomplished half the battle. Then proceed WITH CARE. Bon appetite."

Written by fiftiesfood88 — January 24, 2012

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Ruth Chier Rosen’s cookbooks are the go-to source for almost any recipe you desire—from the simplest cocktail to the most sophisticated soufflé. With decades of culinary experience packed into 30+ cookbooks under the Handy Aid Cookbooks Press, Ruth specializes in creating simple but delicious and dazzling dishes and drinks. Her books are great for the beginning cook or the seasoned chef.


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