Food of the Fifties with Ruth Chier Rosen

State FairState Fair: Blue Ribbon Preserving and Pickling Recipes
142 pages, Copyright 1960
"It is gratifying to see your best culinary efforts vanish in record time. However, after spending a goodly portion of your morning creating in the kitchen, it often seems a shame the enjoyment can't be prolonged. Well, it can be preserved.
Preserving and pickling prolong the pleasure. The time expended need not exceed that needed for baking or cooking any specialty. Perfectly satisfactory preserving and pickling can be done in far less than gargantuan quantities. 3 or 4 quarts or pints of prideful preserves testify at many meals to your skill.
Only do preserving and pickling when the ingredients used are at the height of the season. At this time the foods have the best flavor, cost the least and have the highest food value. Use foods that grow nearby. Keep them cool until used. Preserve them as soon as possible after picking."

Written by fiftiesfood88 — January 24, 2012

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