Food of the Fifties with Ruth Chier Rosen

Stirring Sauc-EryStirring Sauc-ery: A Cook Book of Sauces
140 pages, Copyright 1957
"Great chefs have built their reputations on the simplest of sauces made to perfection. The blending of flavors and the velvety texture enhance a dish and make it a new invention. The appearance, appeal and aroma of a sauce anticipate its delightful flavor.
The basic sauces, brown, butter, cocktail, cream, dessert, drawn butter, hollandaise, mayonnaise, tomato, white and wine are mastered with a bit of practice. From there you may go on to all the variations that make up the repertoire of famous chefs as well as inventions of your own.
The skillful preparation and use of flavorful sauces make it possible to use less tender cuts of meat for the most gala occasions. The sauces stretch smaller quantities of main dishes, assist leftovers and make them even more appealing than the first day presentation. Most important, if properly prepared, the sauce not only enhances the food, but makes an eventful entity."

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Written by fiftiesfood88 — January 24, 2012

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