Food of the Fifties with Ruth Chier Rosen

A Tomato Well DressedA Tomato Well Dressed: The Art of Salad Making
146 page, Copyright 1953
"Salads are the most versatile of food combinations. They are served as every course of your meal at one time or another. Sometimes, a green salad with a spicy cheese dressing is served as a first course. No meal is complete without a salad; it may be a cabbage slaw in the main course, or a hearty fish, meat, or chicken salad for the main course of a summer supper; it may be a luncheon fruit salad served with hot bread or rolls, or it is even often served as dessert with a sweet dressing. Whatever your choice of the day, you can be as imaginative and creative as you like since there are practically unlimited combinations and individual touches that can make your salad a conversation topic.
Experiment with herbs and seasonings added to your now favorite salads and dressings. You will be pleased with your results. You men of the house often man the salad bowl and the following recipes are presented with your tastes in mind. They are sure to please all members of the family and guests as well."

We reprinted this due to popular demand, but with a different cover. Take a look!

Written by fiftiesfood88 — January 25, 2012

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