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Martini Chier—Dry

Martini Chier, Dry

This recipe is from A Guide to Pink Elephants, Volume 1 (also available as an app at iTunes!), originally published in 1952. This recipe was made for my father, who loved a very dry (more gin-filled) Martini. A Guide to Pink Elephants, Volume 1 (and 2) were so enjoyable to create. Both books have the charming outline drawings of the perfect serving glass and extremely no-fuss-no-muss directions. I also provided editorial content at the start of each section about whichever liquor that I was featuring. How fun it is to revisit how things were in 1952! So many things have changed, but favorite drinks have remained the same!
• 3 jiggers dry Gin
• Pernod (dash)
• 1 jigger Vermouthdry

Stir well in cracked ice. Rub rim of glass with lemon peel. Coat inside of glass with 1 drop Pernod. Serve with small olive (Martini) or pearl onion (Gibson). Makes 2 large drinks.

[caption id="attachment_152" align="alignleft" width="274"]A Guide to Pink Elephants, Volume 1 Published 1952[/caption]

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