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Sieu Pi Kwat Barbecued Spareribs

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This recipe is from Ancestral Recipes of Shen Mei Lon, originally published in 1954. Richard and I traveled throughout the Orient, enjoying local cultures and fantastic culinary feats. I'll share more of those travel memories in another post soon. In the meantime, I am sharing one of the many recipes in the book, which were all designed to bring Asian flare to the 50s dinner table, but with local substitutions of the exotic Asian ingredients that wouldn't be found in an American 50s grocery.
• 2 T sugar
• 3 T honey
• 1 c chicken stock
• 1/2 t salt and pepper
• 2 T soy sauce
• 3 lb. spare ribs

Mix all ingredients together and soak ribs in mixture for one hour, turning frequently. Remove ribs to rack of roasting pan. Place small amount of water in pan. Roast in moderate oven for one to one and a half hours, turning from time to time.

[caption id="attachment_1129" align="aligncenter" width="210"]Ancestral Recipes Published in 1954[/caption]

Written by fiftiesfood88 — May 09, 2013

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