Food of the Fifties with Ruth Chier Rosen

Stirring Sauc-ery: A Cookbook of Sauces

117 delicious sauce recipes that will make you the talk of the town!

• Mint Condition Vintage Cookbook / Has Never Been Used
• Published in 1957

• 140 pages

• 5 x 3 5/8 inches

• Plastic-coated recipe cards in a removable spiral binding comb
Foreword from 1957: "Great chefs have built their reputations on the simplest of sauces made to perfection. The blending of flavors and the velvety texture enhance a dish and make it a new invention. The appearance, appeal and aroma of a sauce anticipate its delightful flavor. The basic sauces, brown, butter, cocktail, cream, dessert, drawn butter, hollandaise, mayonnaise, tomato, white, and wine are mastered with a bit of practice. From there you may go on to all the variations that make up the repertoire of famous chefs as well as inventions of your own. The skillful preparation and use of flavorful sauces make it possible to use less tender cuts of meat for the most gala occasions. The sauces stretch smaller quantities of main dishes, assist leftovers and make them even more appealing then the first day presentation. Most important, if properly prepared, the sauce not only enhances the food, but makes an eventful entity."
Cookbook Features:
• Alphabetical Index
• 5 Tabbed Sections with Indexes: • Fish & Shellfish • Meat & Poutlry • Salads & Vegetables • Desserts & Sauces • Full Index
• Table of Weights and Measures
• One-Line Recipes of Flavored Butters
• Black-and-White Photography

Recipes for Fish & Meat-eaters include: Anchovy Sauce, Curry, Crevettes Sauce, Crab Sauce, Newburg Sauce, Bercy Sauce, Dill Sauce, Lemon Sauce, Marguerite Sauce, Madrid Sauce, Cantonese Sauce, Lemon Sour Sauce, Simon Sauce, Sour Cream Caper Sauce, Green Goddess Dressing, Thermidore Sauce, Thousand Island Dressing, Sauce Verte, Fish Veloute, White Wine Sauce, Black Cherry Sauce, Bar B Q Sauce #3, Allemande Sauce, Brown Sauce, Creole Sauce, Espagnole Sauce, Sauce Chasseur, Diable Sauce, Meat Sauce, Mole Sauce, Orange Sauce, Sauce Perigueux, Sauce Veloute, Valois Sauce, Garlic Mayonnaise, Bechamel, Sauce Hollandaise, Remoulade Sauce, Ravigote, Mornay Sauce, Brandy Sauce, Cream Sherry Sauce, Butterscotch Sauce, Foamy Brandy Sauce, Custard Sauce, Hard Sauce, Marshmallow Sauce, Zabaglione, Sterling Sauce
Recipes for Vegetarians include: Sauce Amandine, Cucumber Sauce, Marinara Sauce, Picnic Sauce, Peppy Sauce, Basil Sauce, Cream Sauce, Celery Seed Dressing, Mind Sauce, Drawn Butter, French Dressing, Tomato French Dressing, Fruit Salad Dressing, Browned Butter, Watercress Dressing, Vinaigrette Sauce, Giacomo, Apricot Sauce, Boysenberry Syrup, Caramel Almond Sauce, English Toffee Sauce, Ginger Sauce, Hot Lemon Sauce, Blackberry Sauce, Cherry Rum Sauce, Ruby Sauce, Strawberry Sauce

Chef-at-large Mark Howard made our recipe, Beef Sauce, Pictured on the left: "This sauce was fun to make and a real hit. I was surprised by the snappy flavor and the way it utterly enhanced a grilled London Broil which I tried at Ruth's suggestion."


Ruth Chier Rosen’s cookbooks are the go-to source for almost any recipe you desire—from the simplest cocktail to the most sophisticated soufflé. With decades of culinary experience packed into 30+ cookbooks under the Handy Aid Cookbooks Press, Ruth specializes in creating simple but delicious and dazzling dishes and drinks. Her books are great for the beginning cook or the seasoned chef.


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