Food of the Fifties with Ruth Chier Rosen

Cooking with Spirit: Wine Cooking for the Distinctive Touch

117 recipes for adding Spirit to your meals with wine and liquors
• Mint Condition Vintage Cookbook / Has Never Been Used
• Published in 1961

• 140 pages
• 5 x 3 5/8 inches
• Plastic-coated recipe cards in a removable binding comb
Foreword from 1961: "Wine, liquor, beer, and liqueur cooking is no sleight of hand though the magic it imparts to food makes it seem so. It accomplishes variety in simple and elaborate fare. You can easily add a new dimension to your cooking by experimenting with these available flavoring supplements. These hints may assist you in this direction. Unless spirits are added at the last moment, the alcohol evaporates during the heating process. The spirit becomes a flavoring then. For best results in cooking use top quality spirits just as you use all the best available ingredients. Use spirits judiciously as you would any flavoring or seasoning to enhance rather than dominate the dish. In deciding which particular wine, liquor or other spirit to use, consider what you would drink with a particular food or group of foods. Also consider the foreign accent you want to impart. Wines are commonly used in French cookery.”
Cookbook Features:
• Section that explains Wine by types, serving, and buying
• One-Line Recipes
• 5 Tabbed Sections with Indexes: • Soups & Appetizers • Meat & Fish • Poultry & Vegetable • Sauces & Salads • Desserts
• Black-and-White Photography
• Table of Weights and Measures

Recipes for Fish & Meat-eaters include: Lobster Bisque, Vichyssoise, Black Bean Soup, Onion Soup, Deviled Mushrooms, Pickled Smoked Salmon, Chinese Pork, Artichoke Bottoms with Paté, Crab Cocktail, Paté, Beef Cacciatore, Leg of Lamb Au Vin, Steak Diablo, Filet Mignon Flambé, Sweetbreads with Mushrooms, La Carbonade, Osso Bucco, Veal Chops Simone, Coquilles St. Jacques, Barbecued Lobster, Salmon Sauté, Curried Shrimp, Linguine with Clam Sauce, Coq au vin, Roast Chicken au Vermouth, Chicken Marsala, Chicken and Veal Chablis, Duck Grand Marnier, Sherried Chicken Livers, Squab Sauté, Chestnuts with Prunes, Beefs Bali, Madeira Sauce, Black Cherry Sauce, Bordelaise Sauce, Newberg Sauce, Beef Sauce, Thermidor Sauce, Cream Sherry Sauce, Brandy Sauce, Peaches with Vermouth, Almond Egg Nog Cake, Zabaglione with Fruit, Raspberry Custard, Rum Pie, Omlette Flambé, Crepes Suzette, Baba au Rhum, Strawberries Romanoff, Flaming Fruit Cake
Recipes for Vegetarians include: Raspberry Soup, Strawberry Wine Soup, Avocado Appetizer, Red Cabbage with Red Wine, Potatoes Royal, Broiled Eggplant, Leeks in White Wine, Sherried Yams, Broccoli in Wine, Hot Rum Sauce, Beets Bali, Creme de Cocoa Chocolate Sauce, Cranberry Mold, Bing Cherry Mold, Cherries Jubilee, Grapes Jill, Syllabub, Watermelon Vino, Bananas Flambeés, Baked Apples, Pineapple in Port Wine Syrup, Fruit with Cointreau, Sweet Meat (the "meat" = wafers)


Ruth Chier Rosen’s cookbooks are the go-to source for almost any recipe you desire—from the simplest cocktail to the most sophisticated soufflé. With decades of culinary experience packed into 30+ cookbooks under the Handy Aid Cookbooks Press, Ruth specializes in creating simple but delicious and dazzling dishes and drinks. Her books are great for the beginning cook or the seasoned chef.


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