Food of the Fifties with Ruth Chier Rosen

Masquerade: The Left Over Cook Book

132 re-purposing recipes that help you create new meals from yesterday's left-overs
• Mint Condition Vintage Cookbook / Has Never Been Used
• Published in 1962

• 140 pages
• 5 x 3 5/8 inches
• Plastic-coated recipe cards in a removable binding comb
Foreword from 1962: “Leftovers can be festive enough for a ball—a Masquerade. They are a challenge to the cook’s inventiveness and deft touch. A good rule of spoon is to remember to add something new to the leftover food in creating a new dish. In the following recipes, designed to give you guideposts to new uses and ideas  for leftovers, we will not repeat the word “leftover.” We will assume that the main ingredient is left over in each case. Each recipe is designed to use something that is a plus in your refrigerator and is best used at once. It effects economy of time and money and presents a stimulating challenge.”
Cookbook Features:
• 6 Tabbed Sections with Indexes: • Soups & Appetizers • Meat • Fish & Seafood • Poultry • Salad & Vegetables • Desserts
• 6 Canape Butter recipes
• Table of Weights and Measures

Recipes for Fish & Meat-eaters include:
Duck Soup, Cream Soup, Seafood Bisque, Golden Crab Soup, Seafood Spread, Tongue Rollups, Sole Appetizer, Cheese Fingers, Chili Puffs, Quiche Lorraine, Lam Curry, Ham Mousse, Turkish Pilaf, Pork Fried Rice, Ham and Noodle Pudding, Brisket Bravo, Lamb Encore, Denver Sandwich, Boston Brave, Nassi Goreng, Seafood Newburg, Fish Tetrazini, Halibut Salad, Codfish Balls, Chicken Pie, Chicken Macedoine, Liver Aspic, Turkey Creole, Ginger Turkey, Corn Fritters, Meat Salad, Veal Salad, Apricot Chantilly

Recipes for Vegetarians include: Vegetable Soup, Rice and Mushroom Mold, Green Salad with Vegetables, Chopped Beet Salad, Jello Parfait, Apple Rice Dessert, Fruit Parfait, Apple Sauce Pudding


Ruth Chier Rosen’s cookbooks are the go-to source for almost any recipe you desire—from the simplest cocktail to the most sophisticated soufflé. With decades of culinary experience packed into 30+ cookbooks under the Handy Aid Cookbooks Press, Ruth specializes in creating simple but delicious and dazzling dishes and drinks. Her books are great for the beginning cook or the seasoned chef.


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